Dude Throws Cigarette Into Sewer And Nearly Blows Himself Up

Somewhere in the world, there used to be a sidewalk that needed repairs like you wouldn’t believe. There were bricks missing, but that wasn’t as big of a deal as the new hole that had been discovered by a passerby.

You see, kids. The hole was a big deal because the sidewalk sat over a sewer system that by our calculations was filled to the brim with carbon monoxide oozing from the millions of gallons of shit that were flowing beneath the city that were probably a result of its residents taking advantage of Taco Tuesdays at Juan in a Million’s down the street all month long.

Now this is important, kids. When you have that much crap piling up for a month, the tiniest of sparks could turn that old beat-up collection of bricks we’re calling a sidewalk into nothing but dust, dirt and rubble. Now imagine what would happen if somebody threw a lit cigarette in there.

Dude Throws Cigarette Into Sewer And Nearly Blows Himself Up

Knowing that the dude survived and was able to walk/crawl away from that makes that clip a hell of a lot funnier than if that would have been his last smoke. Also, if he didn’t need a change of shorts after that, well, he’s lying.

h/t BroBible

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