All Nine ‘Fast and Furious’ Movies, Ranked (Yes, There Are Nine of Them)

Sometimes a big movie franchise springs fully formed into the popular culture, like Star Wars or Batman. And sometimes these phenomena develop in unexpected ways over time. The Fast and Furious movies got their start as a hot rod knock-off of Kathryn Bigelow’s action classic Point Break, but eventually transformed into a multibillion dollar franchise that now has more in common with James Bond movies than pulpy bromantic crime flicks.

As such, if you look back over the lengthy Fast and Furious franchise, you’ll find that a lot of the films barely resemble one another. Some are heist films, some are action spectaculars, some are coming of age sports movies and one of them – a film that rather unexpectedly became an important part of the franchise, despite originally having nothing to do with it – looks more like a teenage Goodfellas than anything else.

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If you have to rank them – and this is our job here, so we totally do – you run into the serious problem of how they can possibly compare to one another. The solution is simple in concept, but complex in execution. You have to judge how effectively each film achieved its own individual goals, whether that was to make you laugh, cry or pump your fists in the air like the audience at a demolition derby.

How did our little experiment turn out? Let’s take a look at all nine of the Fast and Furious theatrical feature films – yes, there are nine of them – and find out!

All Nine ‘Fast and Furious’ Movies, Ranked:

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