Stoner Bro Saves Stranded Turtle’s Life And Snapchats It All

Photo: Twitter

When he’s not smoking pot, or when he’s not attempting to get laid, it seems like the dude in this video enjoys saving the lives of turtles in his spare time. Well, all I know is that he helped one turtle continue his life, but that was enough for him to get a shoutout from us.

A Twitter user named Jimbo was out and about when he spotted a pretty big turtle stuck in some rocks, as he was just hanging out and trying to figure out a way out. But not to worry, Jimbo was there to save his life. And since everything is captured on Snapchat, Jimbo of course filmed it all for us. Even better? The dude even admitted to being “burnt out.” What a hero.

Check out the hilarious video below thanks to his Twitter.

And yes, this dude just said “go f**k a bunch of turtle bitches.” Well, at least college seems to be doing a lot for this fella.

In conclusion, it’s good seeing the future of America still caring about other things besides themselves.

h/t Bro Bible

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