Customer Films Cockroaches In Cafe, Gets Slapped By Employee For Doing So

Photo: Twitter

How dare you try to film our filthy cafe!

If you’re all done reading about the grossest things people have found in fast food, it’s time to read up on what law student Arpan Verma found at his local cafe. You see, Verma was at a coffee place called Cafe Coffee Day in the city of Jaipur, India, when couldn’t help notice that there were numerous cockroaches and other bugs crawling inside the cafe fridge. Even worse, the staff at the cafe was trying to hide the bugs behind a stack of menus. Clever. But not really.

According to Verma, he notified employees, but they ignored him and continued using the infested fridge. So what did Verma do? He filmed it of course. And what did one employee do? She slapped Verma of course. Wait, what? Check out the bizarre video below thanks to Verma’s friend, Nikhil Anand Singh.

Damn, what a slap! But shoutout to Singh for his “big slap to consumer and consumerism” caption.

Verma’s friend also went ahead and shared a statement from Verma himself.

So according to Verma, he began telling all the customers of the cockroaches, which pissed off employees. And as you can tell, one employee began filming him, and then slapped him because she believed Verma was “harassing her.”

Lady, your cafe is just gross, that’s all.

Here’s what Cafe Coffee Day had to say about all this:

“The incident has been brought to our notice and has been escalated. Our corporate affairs team is in talks with the consumer and the internal cafe team to ascertain fact.”

The fact is that you have cockroaches working at the cafe for free and are not getting paid anything. This is unacceptable.

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