Ever Wonder What Happens When An Escalator Suddenly Changes Direction With A Bunch Of People On It?

Photo: Twitter

That’s gonna leave a mark.

According to CNN, 18 people were injured when an escalator at Mong Kok’s Langham Place in Hong Kong switched direction from up to down over the weekend, and two mechanics who were assisting the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department following the mishap were surprisingly arrested.

Watch as a ton of unsuspecting people anticipating a slow, smooth ride to the next floor up are suddenly thrown into reverse and all hell breaks loose.

Two mechanics were arrested for obstruction of justice for some reason, but they will luckily have the support of their employer when they head to court next month.

“The arrest of our mechanics was a surprise,” Ian Fok, a spokesman for the Otis Elevator Company, said in a statement. “While the mechanics were assisting the EMSD, the agency called the police to have the mechanics arrested. Our legal team is working with law enforcement to clarify the situation and intends to defend our mechanics.”

Also a surprise? You guessed it: The fact that only one dude decided to run up the stairs instead of waiting to be thrown into the pile of injured humans.

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