Woman Disappears Into Hole As Escalator Panel Beneath Her Gives Out

Screenshot: LiveLeak/AsiaWire

You probably already can guess, but yes, did occured in China.

If I ever find myself in China I’m just going to take the staircase anywhere I go. Why? Well because I’ve seen various escalator incidents like the couple that was almost crushed by one and the escalator that decided to change direction with a bunch of people on it. Oh, and then there’s this lady who completely went through a hole when an escalator panel gave out beneath her.

The security footage taken at the Cuizhu metro station in Shenzhen City, located in China’s southern Guangdong Province, shows a man and a woman about to take an escalator when the panel beneath the women’s feet breaks and caves in, taking the woman with her. The dude she’s with quickly tries to come to the rescue.

Take a look at the video below.

And she somehow survived. That’s right, the woman was taken to a hospital but she walked away from the fall with just some cuts and bruises to her arms and legs.

According to a spokesperson for the metro station they replaced the floor panel (a tad too late for that) and apologized to the woman. Gee, thanks. Officials are now investigating the incident. No word yet if the woman will be given any money for her ordeal or if she will just have to live with the apology.

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