Two Men Ride Horses Through Walmart Uttering ‘Facebook’ Over And Over

Photo: Facebook

That’s one way to go viral.

If you’re going to break the rules, you might as well do so while filming the entire thing and spouting off the name of the social network you’re posting it to at the same time. Everything else can just sound like Boombauer from King of the Hill. It really doesn’t matter so long as the bottom line is that you’re riding freaking horses through Walmart! And that’s exactly what the two men in the following video did.

Warning: moderately NSFW language throughout.

Two Men Ride Horses Through Walmart

What ever happened to classy patrons of Walmart? Like the guy hurling racist insults while waiting to have his glasses adjusted? OK, so maybe that’s a bad example. I meant the couple who tased an innocent greeter after she asked them for a receipt for the TV they were stealing. Whoops! I mean, that other couple caught making a sex tape in the toy aisl— you know what, nevermind. These guys on the horses are pretty alright by Walmart standards after all. Enough reminiscing.

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