Man Blows Chunks Immediately After Proposing To Girlfriend

Proposing to your loved one is a big deal. Take it from me, the guy who went ridiculously over the top. I guess I felt a lot like Ron Burgundy.

But what’s she supposed to think if the first thing she hears after seeing that giant rock is the sound of up-chuck splashing on her new Guccis??

Check out the worst best proposal in ages below as Fresno video editor Darrel Hamilton Jr. attempts to point to a sign on the ground he made for his girlfriend, Rheanna Faye, asking her to marry him. Just as he pulls out the ring … BLAGHH!

Man Blows Chunks Immediately After Proposing To Girlfriend

The romantic ride happened over Reedley, Calif. in central California. Hamilton blames motion sickness for the untimely spew.

Thank God they didn’t kiss afterwards. I sense a fantastic Tic-Tac commercial pitch in their near future.

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Josh Helmuth is a contributor for Mandatory and the sports editor for Crave.


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