Romanian Dude Proposed To His Girlfriend By Making Her Think She Was Getting Ambushed By Police

My buddy proposed to my sister by pretending he had a flat tire and asking her for help. Another one of my pals recently proposed to his girlfriend while they were meeting the cast of “Hamilton” backstage. Hell, even I went the cute route by putting an engagement on my girlfriend’s purse dog’s collar so she would see it when she picked him up for a pet sesh.

Well, to say they do things differently in Romania would be a bigger understatement than saying Kim Kardashian enjoys taking selfies, as one man recently proposed to his girlfriend by…wait for it…having three of his buddies dress up as police officers and execute a fake ambush.

Let’s see how that turned out:

Damn, son.

There were two things that surprised us the most after watching that savagery. For starters, she still said “yes” after that. Who knows, maybe she was still scared shitless and wasn’t in the mood to see what would have happened if she would have declined his proposal?

And speaking of shitless, we were also shocked that she was able to maintain a clean pair of shorts through that ordeal. What control!

h/t Mirror

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