10 Memorable Celebrity Impressions Of Other Celebrities

Photo: YouTube

While celebrities leave impressions on us as an audience in the great work they do on screen, they possess other hidden talents that entertain, as well. One such talent is their impressions of other celebrities. It is so much fun to see a beloved celeb impersonate another. Here, we list 10 of the most memorable examples.

10 Memorable Celebrity Impressions Of Other Celebrities

1. Mark Hamill Does Harrison Ford

When compared with international superstar and blockbuster magnet Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill has failed to receive equal props from Hollywood since the vested swashbuckler crammed him into the belly of a Tauntaun. But his voiceover talent and contributions to the Batman canon have truly made Hamill a legend in his own right. Further evidence of this comes from his many manically joyous interviews, especially the ones in which he retells tales of the making of Star Wars, seasoned with the pitch perfect impression of his A-List co-pilot.

2. Matt Damon Does Matthew McConaughey

When we see him on screen, we all want to be Matthew McConaughey. Suave, Southern, and with a sly slur cast from an even slyer grin. Yet, even though there will only ever be one Matthew McConaughey, appearing on David Letterman’s Late Show, Matt Damon came awfully close. The Oscar-winner’s take on his longtime friend was so impressive, that Letterman would demand an encore during many subsequent Damon appearances.

3. Benedict Cumerbatch Does Alan Rickman

Granted, he kind of sounds like Alan Rickman anyway, but Benedict Cumerbatch is truly amazing at impersonating everyone’s favorite movie villain, hero, and villain/hero. This clip is brief and contains other impressions of UK celebrities few people have even heard of, but it is just enough to showcase this fine impression.

4. Emma Stone Does Britney Spears

Even briefer, this seems to be part of a longer video interview with Vogue magazine, whatever that is. And for sure, the wooden walkway locale is quite breathtaking. In it and on it, America’s newest sweetheart Emma Stone breaks out a pretty impressive Britney Spears impression. Hopefully, for all our sakes, it won’t pique the interest of baby daddy Kevin Federline.

5. Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen Do Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart

Mortal foes onscreen, this pair of Brits appear as anything but in an interview from Buzzfeed, whatever that is. Asked to do impressions of each other, they first demur as any good Sir would, then comply completely. The result is a very amusing exchange even a mutant would love.

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6. Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon Do James Bond and Liam Neeson

A theme emerging is that Brits are not only great at impressions, but being impersonated as well. In 2010, a delightful little indie film was released called The Trip, centered around two not-so-close friends who spend some time together on a restaurant tour of Northern England. It was really a BBC sitcom edited together as a film, but we Americans were daft enough not to notice. Stars Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon play exaggerated versions of themselves — actors who savor impressions of action heroes as much as they do fine wine.

7. Jay Mohr Does Tracy Morgan, Christopher Walken and Many Others

Though we frequently fancy the female adult performers featured here on our Mandatory pages, it’s not an exaggeration to say that when it comes to the ladies, our true interest lies in the ones chattering each day on the stylish set of The View. In this oldie but goodie, Jay Mohr looks surprisingly comfortable sitting among stalwarts Joy and Whoopi, and fly-by-nights Sherri and Elizabeth. (You think sexual harassment led to her abrupt departure from FoxNews? We’d love to see someone do an impression of that scenario!) For good measure, the J-man gave the girls a bit of his Walken and a few others and certainly did not disappoint.

8. Kevin Spacey Does Al Pacino

Al Pacino is frequently impersonated by other celebrities. His over the top rants and raves are ripe fodder for a comic performance. But how often do you see a celebrity do an Al Pacino impression in front of Al Pacino? Kevin Spacey was certainly up for the task on another hilarious Late Show moment. In fact, he comes out dancing and swinging.

9. Simon Helberg Does Nicholas Cage

Before we come to our last entry, one more imitation again courtesy of Late Night and David Letterman’s love of them. Simon Helberg has a reputation for channeling comic verisions of Billy Baldwin, Ben Stiller, and the aforementioned Al Pacino. But it is his Nicholas Cage that flies off the charts. He’s impersonation of The Wicked, Weather, and Family Man is the bees knees.

10. Bradley Cooper Does Clint Eastwood

Finally, Bradley Cooper is also famous for pulling out some celebrity impressions on talk shows and interviews. Here he graces us with an homage to American Sniper director Clint Eastwood who Ellen comments is fond of feeding squirrels on the NBCUniversal studio lot. The video is brief but hilarious and is followed by a discussion of the film’s most explosive controversy – filming a scene with an obviously fake plastic baby.

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