Watch These Two Kentucky Cops Brawl Inside A Detention Center

Photo: YouTube

Because sometimes you find yourself fighting with the person on your team.

Here at Mandatory we talk about a lot of crazy fights — fights between moms and sons, and fights between random folks on the street. But this story here is a tad different, because it involves two cops.

According to Hardin County Jailer Danny Allen, the fight between Deputy Jailer Joseph Funk and Deputy Sheriff C. Smith inside the Hardin County Detention Center began over an inmate’s backpack. Apparently the pair “appeared to have words over the placement of a backpack that Officer Smith brought in, of an inmate’s property,” Allen reveals.

And this is what went down inside that detention center.

Watch These Two Kentucky Cops Brawl Inside A Detention Center

Pretty crazy. It sure does seem like that cop who started the fight was having quite the bad day.

There were charges on Deputy Funk, as he was arrested for assault, resisting arrest and menacing. Although Funk has of course been suspended with pay. Something tells me if I attacked my co-workers I wouldn’t be suspended with pay. I would be looking for another job.


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