This Is The Insane Amount Of Calories Pro Athletes Consume

Imagine eating 181 grilled cheese sandwiches in a week and not feeling guilty about it. That’s the luxury of being an NBA athlete. Or, any pro athlete for that matter.

While pro basketball players need an utter ridiculous amount of calories to get through their workouts, it’s just as astounding to see the stupid amount of food other pro athletes need to sculpt and maintain their perfect shape.

Rowers can eat 107.6 strips of bacon in a day to break even.

Cyclists could down 182.1 cups of chocolate milk in a week and still have six-pack abs.

Below are the complete estimations compiled by Fanatics.

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While being a pro athlete includes a solid diet full of protein, this study only proves you can also eat whatever the hell you want when you’re training four hours a day.

See the complete report here.

Josh Helmuth is the editor of Crave Sports.