Poor UCLA Cheerleader Gets Dropped On Her Head Twice

Photo: YouTube

Cheerleading sure is a tough sport.

OK, so this incident isn’t as bad as the poor kid who got a face full of crotch during a failed dunk attempt, and it’s definitely not as bad as the basketball player whose eyeball popped out of his head, but it’s still difficult not too feel bad for this cheerleader who probably had the worse performance of her life.

In the second half of the UCLA vs. Oregon game, the crowd at Pauly Pavilion got quite the show when an unfortunate cheerleading accident occurred. And of course, thanks to ESPN being pervy and checking out the cheerleaders everybody at home got to see it.

Check out this cheerleader get dropped twice.

Poor UCLA Cheerleader Gets Dropped On Her Head Twice

As it isn’t bad enough to have your head slam against the hardwood floor, of course she gets dropped on her head again as some guy tries to rush her off the court. Not very smooth, dude.

Well, at least Bill Walton reminds us “Safety first.” Thanks, Bill. And here’s hoping that blonde gal is OK.

h/t Maxim

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