Get Ready For Some Football With A Well-Timed ‘Bad Lip Reading’ Of The NFL 2017

It’s Super Bowl time yet again, which means you or someone close to you will likely be tasked with throwing a party at their house for the big game. But before you start figuring out ways to alienate guests so you won’t have to host again next year, or planning excuses to miss work on Monday morning to cope with your vicious hangover, it might be a fun idea to enjoy the NFL 2017 season one last time with another hilarious round of Bad Lip Reading. As always, the newest batch is full of irreverence, nonsensical ramblings, and plenty of banter that you’ll have no clue how they came up with (or why, for that matter).

A ‘Bad Lip Reading’ Of The NFL 2017 Season

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ll certainly be singing “Larinky, Latinky” the entire game now. Thanks a lot, BLR. You’ve produced your greatest hit since the “What does a pig say?” chant.

If you thought this latest Bad Lip Reading was great, hopefully time won’t sour you on it like it did with these Super Bowl ads: 10 Classic Super Bowl Commercials That Actually Really Suck