The Producers of ‘Voltron’ Do The B-Movies Podcast!

The Netflix series Voltron: Legendary Defender isn’t just a great animated series, it’s one of the few nostalgia reboots that surpasses the original. Based on the classic 1980s anime import, the new Voltron tells the story of a team of earthlings who venture to outer space to pilot robot lions and save the universe from a war-mongering tyrant. And in the hands of producers Joaquim Dos Santos and Lauren Montgomery, not only is that concept totally plausible but it’s also rich with character, drama and detail.

That’s why we’ve got them on The B-Movies Podcast. This week, William Bibbiani travels to the Dreamworks Animation offices to sit down with Joaquim Dos Santos and Lauren Montgomery to talk about how they transformed Voltron from an old hit series into a new hit series, why they changed so many aspects of the show, what really happened with that unusual first season finale, what creative decisions went into every episode of the newly-released second season, and what’s to come with season three!

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William Bibbiani (everyone calls him ‘Bibbs’) is Crave’s film content editor and critic. You can hear him every week on The B-Movies Podcast and Canceled Too Soon, and watch him on the weekly YouTube series Most CravedRapid Reviews and What the Flick. Follow his rantings on Twitter at @WilliamBibbiani.

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