The B-Movies Podcast #333 | The Emoji Movie Killed Our Podcast

After 6 1/2 years and over 400 episodes (including bonus content), The B-Movies Podcast is coming to a end. And although there’s really nothing dramatic about the conclusion of a podcast, it happens all the time, we choose to blame the last new film we ever reviewed on The B-Movies Podcast: The Emoji Movie, which has officially toppled Space Jam as the most creatively bankrupt, sell out movie we’ve ever seen come out of a major studio. (We also review Atomic Blonde, but we don’t blame that one.)

We still have two episodes to go, including a letters episode and a farewell show, but this is the last episode of The B-Movies Podcast with news, reviews AND whatnot, and we’ve got some big news to talk about. Wonder Woman is getting a big Oscars push, Daniel Craig is coming back for one more James Bond, and even James Cameron, wanting to make a new Terminator trilogy.

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