Exclusive Preview | ‘Batman’ # 13

This week, “I Am Suicide” comes to a conclusion in the pages of Batman # 13. And while the survival of the Dark Knight is certain, it’s less clear who will be going home with him!

Months ago, Psycho-Pirate drove the superheroes known as Gotham and Gotham Girl insane with his ability to manipulate emotions. Gotham is dead, but there’s still a chance to save Gotham Girl. To do that, Bruce Wayne has assembled his own Suicide Squad-like team including the Ventriloquist and Catwoman to infiltrate Bane’s stronghold and forcibly bring the Psycho-Pirate back to Gotham City to help Gotham Girl recover from her ordeal. However, Catwoman has betrayed her former lover and there may not be much of a team left!

Our exclusive preview for Batman #13 picks up where we left off, as Batman confronts Bane. Meanwhile in the Batcave, Alfred is about to have an unexpected guest who doesn’t seem to think that Bruce Wayne will be returning any time soon…

Batman 13 page 1Batman 13 page 2Batman 13 page 3Batman 13 page 4Batman 13 page 5Batman 13 coverBatman 13 cover open order varient

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For the conclusion of the current story arc, writer Tom King is joined by artist Mikel Janín. Here’s the solicitation text from DC to set the stage for this finale.

“I AM SUICIDE” conclusion! Batman and the remains of his team come face to face with Bane and the Psycho-Pirate in a final battle at Santa Prisca—and learn whether this was truly a suicide mission!

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Photo Credits: All images provided by DC Comics.