‘The Cable Guy’ Is One of the Most Underrated Comedies for 20 Years Now

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Jim Carrey’s The Cable Guy is celebrating its 20th anniversary, and before we sign off of 2016, we’d like to praise the film and its star-studded cast for a classic comedy that people should give another glance to. It’s dark comedy at its finest, dressed in ‘90s nostalgia.

After a series of monumental comedy roles beginning in 1994 (Ace Ventura, Lloyd Christmas, Stanley Ipkiss), Carrey dropped this quiet classic on us in 1996 as Chip Douglas, a deranged cinephile who just wants a friend. Sound familiar? Now it’s been 20 years in existence, and we just worry that people don’t appreciate it enough, but now you’re about to get a healthy reminder as to why. Out of all the crap you read today, we promise this is more important.

This movie was slightly ahead of its time, but maybe it’s time for a sequel.

Photo: Columbia Pictures

Photo: Columbia Pictures

Aside from being one of the most underrated comedies, the film encapsulated the beginning of our hatred (coupled with secret fears) of our cable company. While the movie does an excellent job nailing down the basics, it’s 20 years later that our hatred of late cable technicians, overcharges and mergers with more expensive companies has fully blossomed. Maybe it’s time they made a sequel, since those always go so well.

The truth about the world of cable guys grows truer each year.

Face it: The cable guy has always been your greatest enemy. He never shows up on time, and when he does, you’re in the shower or taking a shit. We can’t get away with anything anymore, as free channels are no longer a thing. Who are these people and why do they take on this profession, just to make our lives miserable? While The Cable Guy might have been dead on in its time, it was only scratching the surface for the crap we have to put up with now. “No, I don’t want a friggin’ landline!”

The basketball scene alone is pure brilliance.

If you were ever on the fence with watching The Cable Guy again, this hilarious basketball scene should solve that. We honestly couldn’t decide which part of the scene to show, since it’s all so good. Jim Carrey at his finest!

Matthew Broderick was actually bearable back then.

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Normally, Matthew Broderick earns a quick channel change when he appears on the boob tube, but anything from 1986’s Ferris Bueller’s Day Off to this 1996 comedy is acceptable. We’re not sure if it’s his face, his voice or just overall existence, but in The Cable Guy, it’s not so bad. Just don’t make us watch him now.

Directed by Ben Stiller, he still manages to make a hilarious cameo.

He’s always been our favorite Focker, as although this was his second feature film directing Stiller manages to still squeeze in a hilarious cameo as the homicidal Sam Sweet.

Jack Black gives us a preview of his hilarious future.

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Not many of us knew who he was when Waterworld and Demolition Man came out. It wasn’t until Tenacious D’s Bio-Dome and Orange County came out that we really knew what Jack Black was capable of. Though he’s still not quite the jolly good time we know now, The Cable Guy was Black’s step closer to the lead role.

A young Leslie Mann is a hot Leslie Mann.

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Not that she isn’t hot now. But 20 years ago? Yowzers. We love the Leslie Mann we know today in all the Judd Apatow comedies, but her ’90s roles in The Cable Guy and Big Daddy are pretty hot.

Owen Wilson and other great actors make cast appearances.

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“SNL” greats like Janeane Garofalo, as well as Andy Dick, Eric Roberts, Bob Odenkirk and David Cross show up in small parts of the film. These days we know Owen Wilson as a lovable little comedy actor, like a funny Golden Retriever, but in The Cable Guy he was a bit of an ass.

They’re smart enough to reference Tom Hanks and his greatness.

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We take any opportunity to remind people how great Tom Hanks is, especially circa The ‘Burbs and Turner & Hooch, so you can imagine how thrilled we are with The Cable Guy for making it the center of attention at certain points in the film. Makes you want to watch Sleepless in Seattle, doesn’t it? Don’t lie.

Jim Carrey remains the best.

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Maybe it’s been awhile since Jim Carrey gave us a string of comedies, but he shouldn’t have to after five amazing comedies in as many years. The Cable Guy serves as a not-so-gentle reminder of his wild, comedic side. Anyone who challenges Jim Carrey as the funniest man on the planet deserves to have their head examined.

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