Watch This Dude Punch A Kangaroo In The Face After It Attacks His Dog

It’s not very often that you wake up to a cup of coffee, a jelly doughnut and a video of a grown man throwing up his dukes and going toe to toe with a kangaroo, but hot damn, it looks as though Christmas has come early this year, guys.

Now we think this isn’t the same kangaroo who attacked a car, or the one who was on steroids, but according to WCCO, the term “man’s best friend” was really put to the test in Australia recently when one pooch found himself in a headlock courtesy of a kangaroo.

Nope, you read that correctly. A kangaroo in Australia had a dog in a headlock, and the dog’s owner quickly jumped into action to free his pal.

But this wasn’t the ol’ “throw a rock or stick at the thing and scare it away” kind of rescue. Oh no, friends, this was the rescue of champions, as the dude was forced to defend himself when the kangaroo decided he was going to end this battle by going toe to toe with him as if it was a 1940s boxing match. While both the guy and the roo showed great form and held their dukes at the proper level, it was the roo who ultimately took a knuckle sandwich to the “snout” after moving in a little too close.

Luckily, the kangaroo decided he was outmatched and made his way back into the Australian Outback to live to fight another day. And luckily for us, the cameras were rolling while this epic battle went down. Enjoy.

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