Check Out This Brawl Between Idiots At A Dolphins-49ers Game

America is doing alright these days, right?

So it’s not just pissed off Indians fans taking swings these days, apparently pissed off (and possibly very drunk football fans) do it as well. Although this has been happening forever, even at useless preseason games. But let’s talk about this video now.

The video below shows a bunch of grown men (and women) in football jerseys yelling garbage at each other. Although to be fair, I would also be upset if I realized I was a grown man wearing a football jersey, as if I am actually part of the team. Take a look at the video to watch idiots going at it.

Check Out This Brawl Between Idiots At A Dolphins-49ers Game

Also, why are two old guys going at it towards the end? They should be at home watching the game and yelling at the television like I will be doing at their age.

According to the YouTube uploader the brawl broke out because of two drunk Miami Dolphins fans and two San Francisco 49ers fans. The Miami Dolphins fans were upset and decided to pick out a couple guys to beat on to vent their frustration. Anti semitic comments can be overheard as well.

Apparently stadium security never found the attackers.

And that’s why grown men wearing football jerseys are usually always a-holes.

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