Is This The Worst Missed Goal In The History Of Soccer?

Odds are you missed the action from this weekend’s Serbian lower league soccer games because you were busy doing anything else, but that means you missed this ass clown from the Belgrade Zone League make what is by far the worst open goal miss of all time.

In fact, the miss came from such close range on such a wide open net that there are many hooligans on the internet this week saying that it’s just further proof that soccer games are more fixed than my grandmother’s cat. And after watching the clip a few dozen times, that just might indeed be the case. Or it might just be one of the many reasons why this turd doesn’t play soccer with the big boys in Serbia and is currently kicking balls in one of that country’s lower leagues.

So while we’ve seen what occured when a girl tried to catch a long kickoff at a game, and we’ve seen what might be the greatest onset kick of all time, check out the worst missed goal ever.

Seriously, it’s a tough call. Is he that bad, or did he have a few nickels on the other squad? Whatever the case might be, it will at least provide one of those moments where your fat uncle will say “Even I could have made that kick,” and he’d actually be right for a change.

h/t BroBible

There are acceptable and mature ways to argue calls and then there’s whatever the hell you’d call this: A Soccer Player Ran Onto The Field And Tried To Attack A Referee With His Penis