Watch This Fox Sound Guy Get Crushed By Minnesota Vikings Players Running Out Of The Tunnel

There was nothing that was going to keep the Minnesota Vikings from ending their four-game losing streak Sunday afternoon at U.S. Bank Stadium.

Not the Arizona Cardinals, not some piss-poor officiating such as a roughing the passer penalty on a perfectly legal quarterback sack that temporarily prolonged Arizona’s final drive and definitely not the Fox sound guy who holds up the giant half-bubble so we can hear every “fuck you” players throw at each other for 60 minutes.

Fans are sometimes at risk when they go see a live sporting event. The guy who got his face smashed by a line drive knows what I’m talking about, and so does this girl who tried to catch a long kickoff. But sometimes it’s even the sound guy who are at rick.

Bernie Beaudry tried to make it across the Vikings’ entrance tunnel before players like the 329-pound Linval Joseph burst onto the field like they had all just snorted eight pounds of cocaine. Obviously since we’re doing a story on it, he didn’t make it:

Yeah, that’s going to leave a mark.

It turns out Beaudry is one tough son of a bitch, kids, as not only did he refrain from going to the hospital, but he also went back to work with just a few cuts on his face and perhaps a bruised ego.

The Vikings held on to win the game 30-24 and maintain a tie for first place in the NFC North with the Detroit Lions, which is something we never anticipated saying this late into the 2016 season.

h/t Yahoo! Sports

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