Bouncer Gets Punched, Spit On By Two Drunken A-Holes, Quickly Knocks Their Lights Out

Yes, I will agree that a lot of bouncers are complete assholes who think they are actual law enforcement, but then there are a few bouncers who actually do their job well and remain calm during any ordeal. Just take for example the bouncer who had to knockout this shirtless drunk idiot. That was fun to watch. Or how about the Canadian bouncers having to deal with a night of unruly guests on New Year’s Eve? The point is bouncers have to deal with a lot, even drunken assholes who attack them.

The incident below took place at the Woolshed Baa & Grill on Parnell Street in good old Ireland, and involves a bouncer trying his best to refuse entry to a group of drunken idiots. The bouncer is calm until two of the men begin threatening him, with things eventually becoming physical after the bouncer his spat on and punched.

Take a look at what happens next:

Well, as you can tell these dudes probably regret messing with this bouncer.

Colette Lenehan, the bar’s general manager, has no problem with what the bouncer did, as she praised him saying that he was just “doing his job.” “He had to defend himself and you can hear he keeps saying ‘go home, go home’,” Colette adds. “These guys have an incredibly hard job and they get a lot of abuse. They are on the frontline, protecting the customers and protecting our business.”

Colette says the bouncer is a “quiet family man” who is “very polite,” and the incident left him “shook.”

Police were called after this incident.

Via The Sun

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