Woman In Thailand Hits Her Husband With A Machete After His Long Night Of Drinking

Well, being hit by your machete-wielding wife is as good as any reason not to go home.

Was this dude as drunk as the chick who interrupted a live TV report to inform the reporter that someone had lost $3? And was he as drunk as the girl who crashed into a police car while taking a drunk naked selfie? Let’s find out.

According to the Daily Mail, a dude in Bangkok who didn’t come home after an all-night bender last week found out the hard way that he’s married to a lunatic.

Woman In Thailand Hits Her Husband With A Machete After His Long Night Of Drinking

How does he and millions of people around the world now know that that is indeed the case? You guessed it: Because she was driving around the city looking for him and then ran of out of the car with a machete, which she proceeded to hit him with in front of stunned onlookers in broad daylight.

That’s right, kids. Witnesses said the woman “spotted him nursing his hangover eating breakfast at a street food stall and parked her car on the side of the road.” After yelling at the poor guy to get in the car and come home, she waited for him to get to side of the road, and that’s where she “whacked him with the flat part of the blade” and once again “ordered him into the front seat of her car, where onlookers heard him receive a severe ear bashing.”

Yeah, we’re not sure how much a good divorce lawyer goes for these days in Bangkok, but hot damn, dude, after you buy yourself a respectable pair of sneakers, you might want to go ahead and look into that.

If only he would have seen this video beforehand: How To Convince Your Wife You Are Not Drunk