This Tortoise’s Impression Of Owen Wilson Will Make America Great Again

Photo: Samir Hussein (Getty)

If you haven’t seen an Owen Wilson movie by now, then either you’re Stevie Wonder or hey, welcome back from your 20-year coma.

If you weren’t impressed by this guy’s amazing dinosaur impressions, or by Ross Marquand’s incredible impressions, maybe you will dig this.

The rest of us know that no Owen Wilson movie is complete until the actor drops a “wow” while either grabbing a MILF’s cans or standing at the bar and hitting on a girl who is way out of his league yet always winds up going home with him for whatever reason. Who knows? Maybe it’s because his nose looks like a penis.

At any rate, ask anybody to do an impression of Owen Wilson, and the first thing out of his or her mouth will no doubt be one of those wows. Apparently the same holds true when you ask a tortoise to do it.

Now that is what is known in the biz as a payoff, kids.

Unless you’re the millennial version of Jeff Corwin or some shit, odds are you were unaware that tortoises apparently make the “wow” sound while they’re humping, and for the sake of this video’s greatness, I’m so glad that I had no idea that was the case until I checked the YouTube comments to make sure that I indeed did see another tortoise getting taken to pound town by this guy at the end of the clip.

Well done.

h/t BroBible

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