The Donald Trump Video Games the President Wouldn’t Approve Of

You might have heard that Donald Trump is now the next president of the United Stated of America. That’s a pretty big deal. After eight years of the Obama administration, the majority of the US public has decided to now swing in the opposite way and herald in what will argubaly be one of the most unpredictable presidencies in history. Those who voted for him are, as you’d imagine, pretty happy that their choice will make his way into the White House in a few months time. Many others are terrified of what the future will bring under Trump’s leadership. But despite what may happen over the course of the next four years, we will always (unless Trump decides otherwise) have video games.

However, for those trying to seek some escapism in the form of gaming, it turns out that Trump has made several appearances in that medium, too. Throughout the course of the presidential election campaign, many indie developers have stepped up to the plate in order to present their own take on Trump, whether supporting or condemning the then-candidate. Each of these games has, much like the election itself, been incredibly weird, and likely wouldn’t receive a thumbs up from The Donald in regards to their representation of him.

From virtual reality Donald Trump simulators through to strategy games predicting a Trump apocalypse, here are the Donald Trump video games that the new president wouldn’t approve of: