This Indians Fan Was So Pissed About Losing The World Series He Knocked Out A Cubs Fan

As a Yankee fan (don’t hate me) I know the joys of winning the World Series, but I also know the horrors of losing one. And hell, sometimes I’ve been so mad at a loss I’ve wanted to hit someone, but of course I never did. And yet, the trash bag of a fan in the video below actually did.

We’ve all seen the video of the shirtless idiot who got knocked out when he decided to step up to a huge bouncer, and we’ve also seen two preppy golf dudes go at it on the golf course, but this right here is just some Indians fan who probably couldn’t handle his team blowing a 3-1 lead in the World Series, so he decided to knock out some Cubs fan who was probably drunk and, let’s face it, celebrating way too hard for this guy’s liking.

Check out the video below:

Well, obviously we don’t know what led up to this, but regardless that shouldn’t have occurred. Poor Cubs fan just wanted to enjoy his team’s victory before he has to wait anther 108 years for the next one.


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