What Women Want In A Penis, According To Women Themselves

“What does the ideal penis look like?” This is a question best left to heterosexual women, since they — as well as homosexual men — are attracted to possessors of these veiny, floppy appendages.

But to ask just one woman what her picture-perfect penis is would be both an ineffective and biased sample, because, who knows, one’s least preferred quality in a wiener could be another woman’s most attractive. That’s why, in order to reach the fairest conclusion possible, I spoke to an abundance of women and decided to display the best of their responses below. At the end of the article, I’ll take what I’ve learned from these women’s answers (some of which won’t be shown below by request) and describe the perfect penis, according to women.

Here is some of the commentary I received:

Some women truly don’t care what a penis looks like. They just want you to know how to use it, which is reasonable:

“The most attractive thing about a penis is the person it’s attached to, though I think they’re all pretty perfect — cut, uncut, small, big, curved, straight, thick, thin. The least attractive is someone that doesn’t care to learn how to use it to pleasure their partner and is only concerned about getting themselves off.” — Britni, 30

Others do care, and believe the ideal penis is long and girthy:

“A big, thick penis — about 8.5 to 9 inches long — with a nicely shaped head is so appealing! Of course, it’s ideal for it to be clean as well. Thank the heavens my husband was blessed with such attributes.” — Lucie, 52

This gal just wants a dick that looks like a dick:

“I don’t like anything excessively hairy or deviating too much from the ‘norm’ I guess.” — Amanda, 28

This lady believes all dicks are ugly, and that the ideal penis is simply the least offensive:

“Dicks are never pretty! But what would make one exceptionally un-pretty for me would be poor manscaping or skinniness. — Jen, 36

Finally, some simply subscribe to the Goldilocks philosophy:

“As long as it’s not too big and not too small. Uncircumcised is preferred, but not a deal-breaker. I’m more than alright with a good six inches.” — Stacey, 22

I also got a few experts to lend their opinions.

Carol Queen, PhD and Good Vibration’s Staff Sexologist:

“Women have different size preferences (bigger isn’t always better — sometimes bigger just hurts), and when men talk about size they usually talk about length, but women are often talking about girth. It depends on the sex act too; it can be much easier to do fellatio or anal with a smaller-sized penis than a large one, for instance, and a shorter penis might be more likely to stroke the G-spot directly than a longer one that slides right past.

A sculpted-looking penis is often considered more aesthetically attractive, as well, but a prominent head can definitely have bonus effects during intercourse.”

Suzannah Mathews, Dating Coach & Matchmaker:

“A penis that is proportional to the rest of his body is an impressive penis. If he’s athletic, his penis seems muscular, too. If he’s slim, his penis is slender, too. You get the picture.”

(Not sure if I agree with that one, but hey — she’s seen more than I have!)

Now let’s look at the research:

You may find this hard to believe, but aside from myself, actual scientists have dedicated research to this very important topic. Researchers from UCLA and the University of New Mexico attempted to discover the ideal penis by presenting 75 women with images of 100 disembodied penises (which sounds absolutely terrifying). They asked the women sampled to then narrow this mass selection down to 33, which the researchers then printed out in 3-D form (dildos, essentially). The women were then asked to place these 3-D model penises into two categories: the dongs they’d prefer in a long-term partner, and those they’d prefer in a one-night stand.

The results found that the ideal penis size for a long-term partner is 6.3 inches long and had a girth of 4.8 inches. For the one-night stand, the ideal size was 6.4 by 5 inches. Considering the international penis average is 5.5-6.3 inches by 4.7-5.1 inches, we’re generally not far off from the ideal. Women don’t really seem to want a schlong that’s the size of a baby’s arm, regardless of the relationship. There have been ton of studies done on the subject over the years (this was just one of the more recent), and most deduce the same thing: A woman doesn’t want a long penis, she wants a girthy one.

Conclusion (aka the ideal penis reveal):

Going by what I’ve heard from my admittedly small sample survey (roughly 20 women total) and the research I’ve consulted, the ideal penis length resides in the six-inch margin — meaning anywhere from 6.1-6.9 – and would be nearly as girthy as it is long, anywhere from 4-5 inches would suffice. In terms of aesthetic appearance, a woman likes a prominent head on the tip, with trimmed — not shaved — pubes, so aim to keep your pubic length around an inch or less.

I have to admit that the most surprising result of this little experiment was that most women don’t really care what the size of a penis is, they just don’t want it to deviate too much from what’s considered average. How can you argue with that?

Finally, considering that there’s such a societal prominence on a man’s size, one must ask: Who’s the culprit that really cares about size? Is it women, or is it us men?


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