That Freaking Brutal Death Scene From ‘The Walking Dead’ Just Got Remade Using Legos

Let me first start off by saying that this article and the video that follows has MAJOR SPOILERS, so if you’re not caught up yet with The Walking Dead (shame on you) it is probably best you turn back now (and then return to this article obviously).

Whether you enjoy The Walking Dead television show or comic book better, everyone was pretty physically sick at what went down on last week’s premiere, when everyone’s favorite baddie, Negan took out two of our favorite heroes. One was expected, and one was kind of a surprise, as most people reacted with shock (followed by tears).

But not to worry, if that scene was a tad too much for you to handle, Kristo499 on YouTube just brilliantly remade it using Legos. And yet, hearing Negan’s voice and all those sound effects is still hard to take. Check out the video below to see Lego Negan take out…SPOILERS….Abraham and Glenn.

Something tells me that The Lego Movie sequel won’t have scenes like this, but hey, you never know.

Now moving forward we should probably continue to expect more brutal violence from this show, especially since Negan is expected to stick around for quite a while. Hell, at this rate I’ll gladly take the Governor back.

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