Watch This News Anchor Let Out The Most High Pitch Scream When A Snake Gets In His Face

We here at Mandatory sure love our news bloopers, that’s why this video of the reporters laughing their ass off at a ridiculous story about clowns really is a sight to see. And the video below is also another sight to see, and that’s mainly because it features a grown man lose his mind while holding a snake. Let’s just say the man seems like he isn’t a big fan of snakes.

Some poor lad on ABC7 Chicago got the unfortunate duty of holding a snake. Now I don’t care how non-threatening a snake might look, I am always baffled when I meet people who actually keep those things as pets. And you know what? This guy is clearly not one of those people, because all that it took was one look from the snake and the man lost his mind.

Take a look at the video below just how high his scream was:

The man was struggling in the back with a snake while his co-anchor just kept rambling on. I think if he would have been bitten in the neck she would have kept going. Now that’s professionalism.

And hey, always nice to see what a real life Brian Fellow would be like.



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