Batshit Crazy Woman On UW-Milwaukee Campus Screams At Students To Use Condoms

I’m going to be honest, lady. You lost us at billfolds, as nobody in this country has used a billfold since we defeated the Nazis in WWII.

There are tons of crazy folks out there. Like, remember the lady who punched and spit on a car? Or this story about a guy placing nuggets where the sun don’t shine? Well, the latter seems like it could have been true. But now check out this gem.

Spreading the word that college students should be using rubbers while plowing each other is a great message. It’s just that there are probably better ways to do than dressing up like it’s 12 degrees outside and making your way to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee campus and screaming at the kids as if you’ve just ingested some kind of whiskey mixed with laundry detergent.

But that’s exactly what one batshit crazy lady decided to do earlier this week. Let’s see how that turned out:

Oh, if only this lady’s parents would have gotten the same message 50 years ago. And for the record, college kids, you don’t pronounce the “ue” part when you’re trying to tell a crowd of people that they’ve gone rogue. It’s always been a one-syllable word.

Also, you have to love the old guy in the background who is either a professor on campus just flipping through his emails or this crazy broad’s better half who is there to tell campus police that she’s harmless and just doing this spiel as part of her therapy.

h/t BroBible

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