Let The Outrage Commence As You Watch A Guy Allow His Girlfriend To Fall Off A Cliff

Being someone’s boyfriend is a challenge. Relationships in general are complicated at best. But one thing that almost every man instinctively knows to do is protect the woman he loves. Then, there’s this guy:

Guy Allows Girlfriend To Fall Off Cliff

The video, which has already received a slew of angry comments on Reddit, may not necessarily tell the whole story, but from what you see, it’s pretty obvious that the girl slips while trying to attempt a sweet jump, only to then lose her footing and grasp at her boyfriend’s leg to try and save herself. Seems like all he’d really have to do is not move, but he can’t even get that part right.

So what do you think? Are you looking at a douchey guy who doesn’t care about his girlfriend’s well-being in the slightest, or was it simply a natural reaction to getting grabbed by someone who is only going to take you down with them?

h/t BroBible

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