Throwing A Ball To A Fan Is Cool Except When There Are Only Two Outs

When you play 162 games every year, you’re bound to do something extremely stupid once in a while.

You could get thrown out trying to advance to third base despite the fact that the ball was hit in front of you. You could swing at what would have been ball four because it bounced six feet in front of home plate. Hell, you could forget to zip up on the day you decide to leave the underwear at home in an effort to break out of a slump.

Or you could throw a ball to a fan in the stands even though there are only two outs. Right, Odubel Herrera?

To be fair, it was the top of the eighth inning, and the Phillies were down by nine runs to the Blue Jays. I mean, odds were pretty good that they weren’t going to come back to win the game even without Herrera’s brain fart.

In fact, they were probably almost as good as the odds that Herrera never forgets how many outs there are ever again.

h/t Deadspin

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