Guess What Happened When This Spring Breaker Decided To Do A Backflip Off His Truck

When I was on spring break, all you needed to have a good time was a quarter barrel, beer bong, sunscreen, deodorant and coupon card that was good for free pitchers of High Life at Pineapple Willy’s.

Nowadays, it seems like you can’t have a good time unless you have a truck.

I’ll admit that it does look like one hell of a party going down in that truck, but everybody knows after two or three or 19 cans of Red Dog that you’re going to want to take that party to the next level. Like by backflipping off of it while a huge crowd of your peers cheers you on, for example:

The bad news for that unsuspecting dude is that he got knocked the hell out. The really bad news is that it looks like he may have lost his joint at the 17-second mark as well. Tough day, bro.

h/t LiveLeak

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