E-Cigarette Explodes In Guy’s Pocket, Almost Blows Off His Leg

If looking like a tool while using an e-cigarette wasn’t enough of a reason to not use one, perhaps the possibility of having it explode in your pocket like it did to the guy below should be enough of an incentive never to use an e-cigarette again.

Josh Hamilton (not the ballplayer) was about to check out at a Shell station in Kentucky when out of nowhere his pocket burst into flames when the e-cigarette inside of it exploded. Check out the video below to see Josh act like the worst stuntman ever:

“Third degree burns all up and down my leg. Just had an Ecig battery blow up and catch fire inside my pocket! Ouch ow ow ow,” Josh wrote on his Facebook. Thankfully, Josh didn’t lose his leg, but he was left with a pretty horrible wound.

Take a look of the aftermath of his leg thanks to this picture that Josh posted on his Facebook….

We’re serious…this is really gross and kind of graphic….

E-Cigarette Explodes In Guy's Pocket, Almost Blows Off His Leg
Let’s just hope this little incident will keep Josh away from e-cigarettes. Now if only he would stop riding his hoverboard to work.

h/t Bro Bible

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