Check Out the ‘Game Of Thrones’ Cast’s Childhood Photos

“Game of Thrones” is one of the biggest shows on television, because everyone loves nudity, dragons and unexpected deaths that make us collapse into a puddle of our own tears. But before we were wondering how long these characters were going to be around before they met their demise, they were actually young with dreams of surviving George R.R. Martin. Take a look at some of the childhood photos from the Thrones cast.

Check Out the ‘Game Of Thrones’ Cast’s Childhood Photos

Young Kit Harrington looking like a beautiful extra from “A Bronx Tale.”

Young Peter Dinklage rocking a glorious mullet.

Emilia Clarke before she became the most attractive dragon tamer (sort of) this side of town.

Jack Gleeson still looking like a little prick in a v-neck sweater.

Baby Maisie Williams before being involved in the most useless storyline.

Little Sophie Turner unaware of her horrible taste in men.

Young Lena Headey perfecting her “I’m smiling but I’m secretly planning your demise” look.

Sean Bean before he ended up dying in every movie and television show he was ever a part of.

Jason Momoa could still kick your ass in his long sleeve polo shirt from Old Navy.

Nathalie Emmanuel before snagging the role of “always looking concerned” woman.

In case you’re the one person wondering what Kristian Nairn looked like in his younger years.

George R.R. Martin before he became a murderer.

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