Young Tourist Flips Off Monkey, Gets Drop Kicked by Monkey

Dropkick Murphys are one badass band, but even they can’t compete with this dropkick monkey.

According to Huffington Post, a security camera in Shimla, India recently captured a monkey drop kicking a young man after he thought it was a brilliant idea to give the monkey the finger.

It was not.

Young Tourist Flips Off Monkey, Gets Drop Kicked by Monkey

Tourist Gives Monkey the Finger and Receives Instant Karma!

The monkeys in Shimla apparently have a reputation for being bat shit crazy thieves, often times rummaging through bags for food. But some monkeys in the area have taken it to the next level in recent years by stealing wallets and cameras from unsuspecting tourists.

So what’s the best way to deter the monkeys from ganking your belongings? You guessed it: Carry a stick.

The Shimla India Guide actually encourages people to rent a stick to ward off these thug monkeys. Without one, people should “expect to have pockets and bags rummaged through no less intensely than by a human criminal.”

Luckily for this kid, the only thing the monkey stole from him was his pride.

Not giving a primate the middle finger is a good start: How to Survive Various Animal Attacks