The Laker Girls Did a Lunch Date with Fans and the Pictures are Awkwardly Hilarious

For the third year in a row, the Los Angeles Lakers cheerleaders traveled across Southern Californian Carl’s Jr. restaurants to hang out with fans (aka horny, uncomfortable dudes) that aren’t quite sure what to do with their hands while taking photos with hot girls. Here are some of the best gloriously awkward pics from the lunch tour.

awkward lakers fans cheerleaders
A guy who likes the Lakers and Yankees. How original!

Is that a cell phone holder on your hip or are you just happy to have hovering hands over Laker girls?

You’d feel awkward too if you had a T-shirt on top of a button-up dress shirt.

Is that a bathrobe? Please tell me that’s a bathrobe.

Nothing like a 7-minute guitar solo to get you in the mood for some Lakers hoops.

That’s the face you make when you’re wanted for arson, not when you’re posing with cheerleaders.

His wife just walked through the door and he tried to act as casual as possible.

Yeah, this is definitely the target demographic of cheerleaders having lunch with dudes at a fast food restaurant.

At least Little Dave Navarro made an appearance.

Bluetooth? Check. Tucked in t-shirt? You know it. Sweaty arms? Almost definitely.

I know there’s a lot going on here, but is that corn on the cob sticking out of his bag?

He made his choice and the other girl couldn’t be more pleased where his hands ended up.

You just know he smelled his hand for days after this was taken. There’s no question.

It’s difficult to have hover hands that are also inappropriately placed, but he pulled it off masterfully.

He was great as one of the bidders in the human auction scene from “Taken.”

Honestly, he didn’t need the shirt for us to know that.

Are the girls even in this photo? What is happening here?

Everything about this makes me very uncomfortable.

If these guys know each other it’s only because the tall guy is his parole officer.

Sure. Why not?