Meet the Filthy Rich YouTube Stars

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For all you hopeful bloggers or YouTube junkies trying to get noticed, there are a number of YouTube heroes who started as zeroes that can inspire. From actors and musicians to comedians and just plain weirdos, the Internet has plenty of YouTube stars raking in the cash and fame. Check out some incredible stories of YouTube’s biggest earners and be inspired to be like millions of other people — whoring yourself out online so you don’t have to put on pants like every other hardworking American.


Net Worth: $12 million

Last year, Forbes reported that Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, Swedish vlogger, is now pulling in more than $4 million each year with his hit YouTube channel, Pewdiedie. Launched in 2009, he’s had quite a few fans in his “Bro Army” since his channel took off in 2012, commentating on video games (action, adventure & horror) and to a crowd of more than 34 million people with billions of views. That’ll teach kids to drop out of school when they can’t juggle YouTube and their homework at once.

YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon (Formerly BlueXephos)

Net Worth: $6.7 million

Originally founded as “BlueXephos,” English gamers Lewis and Simon at The Yogscast are rocking 7 million subscribers in the Minecraft multiplayer, drunken dwarf video blogs. Started in 2008, they started as BlueXephos doing World of Warcraft videos until hitting it big and changing their channel name under the Minecraft blueprint.


Net Worth: $5.7 million

Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla are comedy duo owning the Inter-web under their channel “Smosh,” a flash animation project started by Padilla. With videos like “Extreme Ass Slapping” and “Dick Jokes With Mom,” it’s no wonder why these boys are raking in the dough, along with nearly 20 million subscribers. Started in 2005, their page has more than 4 billion views with a new video each Friday, as well as bonus videos appearing on a secondary channel.

Ray William Johnson

Net Worth: $5 million

This time four years ago, Ray Williams Johnson held six of the top 20 most-viewed YouTube videos, and now with more than 10 million subscribers, he’s on a tear with his channel Equals Three. Johnson retired from hosting his own video blog in late 2014, though it continues to run with a new host. In late 2012, he retired his other main channel “Your Favorite Martian,” which hosted animated music videos, but those videos still crossover onto his “Equals Three” page.


Net Worth: $5 million

Last year, Buzzfeed covered the DC Toy Collector who is essentially a one-woman team pulling more than the average CEO. And what is it she does? She shows off toys in YouTube videos as collector’s items. The channel has nearly 4 million subscribers, too. She’s making it look too easy, especially when you factor in the $5 million. Covering a wide range of toys and a wide range of ages, this is the premiere toy channel for toy reviews, as well as a collector’s guide for creepy old dudes with too much time and money. The competitive BluCollection channel comes in right behind with a slightly lower following but nearly the same net worth at $4.8 million. Don’t throw your toys away, dammit. They’re a gold mine.

Toby “Tobuscus” Turner

Net Worth: $4.2 million

As of early 2015, Turner has more than 15 million subscribers as comedian/actor/musician/YouTube personality who signed with Maker Studios in 2013. He’s been cranking out comedy bits and other fun interactive clips people can’t get enough of on his main channels “Tobuscus” and “TobyGames,” which combine for more than 3 billion views. Big on chuckles and animation, as well as gaming and music, Toby is a Jack-of-all-trades when it comes to YouTube. He’s got the numbers to show it.

Roman Atwood

Net Worth: $3.5 million

Professional American prankster Roman Atwood is making waves in online comedy, as well as in the playpen that is his living room. In one of Roman’s best new pranks, he turns the house into a fast food chain style ball pit for his kids while the wife is away. Atwood has more than 5 million subscribers, but we’re not sure that he deserves such an attractive and loving wife. Especially when he does stuff like this: Worst Husband in the World Pranks Wife By Pretending to Kill Their Kid

James Richard Wilson, Jr. (UberHaxorNova)

Net Worth: $3.5 million

At 24, this raving genius has more than 2 million people subscribing to listen to his simple animated clips and evil genius. Wilson began UberHaxorNova in 2008 and started a subsequent channel, NovaPipeBomb, with a decent following as well. He does the rundown for folks on games like Grand Theft Auto and Assassin’s Creed.

Daneboe aka Annoying Orange

Net Worth: $3.4 million

Started by Dane Boedigheimer in 2009, the YouTube series “The Annoying Orange” began as a ridiculous idea conjured up while trying to fall asleep at night. The tactic of using an annoying food character to interact with other annoying food characters seems to have paid off, as Boedigheimer’s channel not only blew up, pulling in a couple billion views, but the show was even picked up as a TV show on Cartoon Network. Who says ridiculous stoner dreams don’t come true?

Jenna Marbles

Net Worth: $2.5 million

This blonde beauty Jenna N. Mourey, better known as Jenna Marbles online, is an American entertainer with a popular YouTube channel, a large following and killer bod. How do you like those marbles? She just released her 200th video since her start in 2010, and her subscribers are about to reach 15 million. The funny, playful Jenna is not only sexy, she’s wicked helpful with her girly tutorials and funny think-pieces. From “Drunk Makeup Tutorial” to “What Girls Do in the Car,” Jenna has everyone’s attention, along with a nice wad of cash in her pocket. It’s speculated that she pulls in nearly $4 million each year, but is listed at only $2.5 million net worth currently.

(Source: Celebrity Net Worth)


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