15 Infamous Rock ‘n’ Roll Mugshots

Anybody who thinks it’s fun to get arrested is out of their mind. Sure, rock ‘n’ roll mugshots like these make it seem badass, but remember, they have a team of lawyers and millions of dollars at their disposal. You do not.

Jim Morrison

Rock N' Roll Mug Shots, jim morrison mug shot
September 28, 1963, Tallahassee, FL
Charged With: Public drunkenness and stealing a police helmet and umbrella. Six years later, Morrison upped the stakes when he was famously arrested for indecent exposure, lewd acts, profanity and public intoxication.

Jimi Hendrix

Rock N' Roll Mug Shots, jimi hendrix mug shot
May 3, 1969, Toronto, ON
Charged With: Possession of heroin and hashish at Toronto International Airport.

Jerry Garcia

Rock N' Roll Mug Shots, jerry garcia mug shot
January 30, 1970, New Orleans, LA
Charged With: Possession of cocaine, which inspired the song “Truckin'” by The Grateful Dead. The band had history with drug arrests since 1967, starting with cocaine and leading into heroin.

Mick Jagger

Rock N' Roll Mug Shots, mick jagger mug shot
July 18, 1972, Warwick, RI
Charged With: Assault and obstruction of justice following a scuffle with a photographer.

David Crosby

Rock N' Roll Mug Shots, david crosby mug shot
April 13, 1982, Dallas, TX
Charged With: DUI of cocaine, drug possession and carrying a concealed .45 pistol.

Michael Todd

Rock N' Roll Mug Shots, michael todd mug shot
July 10, 2011, Mansfield, MA
Charged With: Armed robbery for threatening to detonate a bomb if he wasn’t given oxytocin before Coheed & Cambria’s gig opening for Soundgarden.

Willie Nelson

rock 'n roll mugshots, willie nelson mug shot
November 26, 2010, Sierra Blanca, TX
Charged With: Possession of marijuana.

Billie Joe Armstrong

Rock N' Roll Mug Shots, billie joe armstrong mug shot
January 2003, Berkeley, CA
Charged With: DWI and speeding.

Jack White

Rock N' Roll Mug Shots, jack white mug shot
December 2003, Detroit, MI
Charged With: Aggravated assault after attacking Jason Stollsteimer of Von Bondies in a Detroit bar.

Kurt Cobain

Rock N' Roll Mug Shots, kurt cobain mug shot
May 25, 1986, Aberdeen, WA
Charged With: Vandalism for spray-painting “God Is Gay” on a brick wall and again for trespassing.

Scott Weiland

Rock N' Roll Mug Shots, scott weiland mug shot
November 19, 2001, Las Vegas, NV
Charged With: Domestic abuse at Hard Rock Hotel-Casino Las Vegas.

Steven Tyler

Rock N' Roll Mug Shots, steven tyler mug shot
March 1967, Yonkers, NY
Charged With: Pot possession at age of 18. For more bad news on Steven Tyler, click here.

David Bowie

Rock N' Roll Mug Shots, david bowie mug shot
March 1976, Rochester, NY
Charged With: Felony pot possession charge along with Iggy Pop and two others at a Rochester hotel after a concert.

Ozzy Osbourne

Rock N' Roll Mug Shots, ozzy osbourne mug shot
May 14, 1984, Memphis, TN
Charged With: Public intoxication along Beale Street, years after his arrest in San Antonio for pissing on the Alamo dressed as a woman.

Johnny Cash

Rock N' Roll Mug Shots, johnny cash mug shot
October 4, 1965, El Paso, TX
Charged With: Possession of illegal amphetamines from Mexico.

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