This Half-Bearded Man’s Mugshot Deserved A Write-Up And It Got One

Photo: echo1 (Getty)

Just like I wrote a story about a dude caught pleasuring himself near a public pool simply because he had one bizarre as all hell mugshot, I am also taking the time to write about this dude — and that’s because his mugshot will become iconic.

Let’s all meet 59-year-old Kevin Gibson. Gibson was recently arrested at Miami Beach on felony narcotics charges. But Gibson is a life-long criminal so being arrested isn’t anything new to him. Just take a look at some of these charges on Gibson’s rap sheet according to The Smoking Gun.

The 59-year-old drug dealer’s rap sheet includes convictions for most crimes codified in Florida’s criminal statutes (burglary; grand theft; robbery; kidnapping; cocaine sales; disorderly intoxication; battery; trespassing; strong arm robbery; theft; loitering; marijuana sales, etc.).

So yeah, Gibson is a garbage can on legs. But it is his most recent mugshot that made me write this up. Take a look at it below.

Incredible. I wonder if was arrested in the middle of shaving. And if you’re wondering what Gibson looks like with a full beard, here’s a previous prison ID photo from last year.

It’s pretty clear this dude is completely bonkers.

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