Teri Polo and Her Pets are Allegedly Asshole Tenants

After Teri Polo posed for Playboy nine years ago, I remember hoping to one day get the chance to spend an evening at her residence. Not anymore.

According to TMZ, Polo has been slapped with a lawsuit that claims she left behind a rental house filled with dog logs, pet piss, and spoiled food. The Meet the Parents star allegedly “left behind a trail of dog feces that stunk up the neighborhood,” as well as “a bunch of food in the fridge that was not turned on, and the rancid smell made everyone gag.”

Polo was paying $7,000 a month to live in a house owned by celebrity lawyer Ed McPherson, and now he is seeking $30,000 in damages, which includes the pilfering of brand new blinds. But based on the other accusations, who gives a shit (literally) about the blinds?

According to a 2011 article in People, Polo owned at least six pets — three dogs and three cats. This once again proves my theory: Women who own multiple cats are crazy.

(via TMZ)

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