Stranger Things Inspires Unofficial Retro Video Game

Acclaimed Netflix-original drama series Stranger Things has developed a huge cult following since it began this year, and now the game has inspired an unauthorised retro video game using its characters.

Set in the 1980s, supernatural drama Stranger Things is beloved for its countless nostalgia-bringing 80s references – and recently a group called Infamous Games; who describe themselves as people “who love old school video games,” have made an incredibly fitting video game representation of the show.

The game follows Chief Hopper, as he searches the forest for the missing Will Byers – and is filled Hopper’s dry humour and references to 80s style gaming. For instance, if you click on a fallen log, an MS DOS style response on the screen reads; “I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that Will Byers is not underneath this tiny fallen log.”

The soundtrack from the show has also been used in the game, and to say it suits the creepy, pixelated adventure to a tee would be a massive understatement.

Download and play the game here.

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