This West Ham Fan is the Angriest Man Alive After Europa League Exit

Fan TV is often much more entertaining than the matches themselves, and this clip of a West Ham fan flying off the handle in a post-match rant following his club’s Europa League exit is evidence of that.

West Ham suffered a dismal 1-0 defeat at the hands of Astra Giurgiu, a Romanian football club that shouldn’t have provided the London club with much trouble on paper. The heartache felt by West Ham supporters was most accurately summarised by Dom, who was confronted by West Ham Fan TV following the match in order to offer his thoughts on what had just taken place. Starting with the sentiment that the team is “a bunch of f***ing arrogant, two bob c***s”, Dom’s rant only gets better from there.

“We want to be able to compete with the big boys, yet we can’t even beat a bunch of f***in’ Romanian farmers”, Dom continues, at which point the host points out how the club are “stretched right now”, which forces an indignant Dom’s voice to rise to the point where it could effectively function as a dog whistle.

But Dom’s most cutting remark was reserved for the Hammers’ Jonathan Calleri, with him saying: “This Calleri, he’s supposed to be the next Messi but he’s the next Carlton Cole. He couldn’t finish his dinner.”

Watch the hilarious rant in the video below: