Premier League Algorithm Finds the Hilarious Top Three Words Fans Use for Their Clubs

An algorithm created by a Reddit user has discovered the top three words used by Premier League fans for each of their clubs, and the results are far too accurate.

The algorithm, posted on Reddit’s Soccer board, scoured comments for the words most used for each Premier League club, starting from Arsenal and “fourth” to West Ham and “desperate.”

The end results were shared across social media, with fans on Twitter and Facebook enjoying how on the money the subreddit’s users were when it came to representing the general public consensus regarding each Premier League club. Some of the words associated with the clubs were controversial, though at the very least it’s understandable why they’re used in discussions regarding the teams.

Check out the list below:


Brighton & Hove Albion’s “gay” descriptor is likely the result of the club’s collaboration with the Gay Football Supporters’ Network in order to document the homophobic abuse leveled at the club’s supporters by away fans, with Brighton being an incredibly LGBT-friendly city and many rival fans launching homophobic insults at them as a result. Brighton worked with the FA to help clamp down on the bigotry taking place in their games.

Chelsea being described as “racist” by the Soccer subreddit is likely as a result of some of the club’s fans being charged with racist violence in France, after a video emerged of them pushing a black commuter off a Paris Metro carriage went viral. The video, recorded in 2015, saw the Chelsea fans chanting: “We’re racist, we’re racist, and that’s the way we like it”, with four of them being convicted of aggravated racist violence earlier this year.

Elsewhere, Leicester’s “anomaly” description is presumably a result of the club’s unprecedented Premier League win in the 2015/16 season, while “80s” as Liverpool’s most associated word is likely due to the club’s failed attempts to rekindle the magic of an era in which they dominated English football.

Featured Image Credit: Mike Hewitt / Getty Images