Teenagers Break Into New West Ham Stadium and Sit On Top Of It

A group of teenagers managed to break into West Ham’s new stadium, posting video footage of them managing to sneak their way into London Stadium and even recording themselves standing on its roof.

The three youngsters, who go by the name ‘Night Scape’ on YouTube, posted the footage to the video-sharing site, revealing how they managed to easily infiltrate the stadium after dark. The trio can be seen maneuvering themselves around the stadium’s security barricades, before taking a seat in the arena and finally scaling its roof, with them sitting dangerously close to the ledge overlooking the pitch.

One of the YouTubers then films himself standing next to the West Ham sign, before they finally take to the pitch and even run down the tunnel. The Metropolitan Police are said to be looking into the footage, though given that the three young men show their faces multiple times in the video, it shouldn’t exactly be difficult to discern who they are.

The video shouldn’t help to alleviate fears of lax security in the arena, after multiple fans were arrested as a result of an outbreak of fights following the club’s 1-1 draw with Middlesborough this past weekend. This video has evidenced just how easy it is to break into the London Stadium after hours, and it will no doubt spark stricter regulations from the arena’s staff moving forward.

Watch the video below:

Image Credit: YouTube / Night Scape