Rupert Grint Will Star In Crackle’s ‘Snatch’ Series

Back in 2000, the first Harry Potter movie hadn’t yet made it to theaters, while Snatch turned out to be a modest box office hit for director Guy Ritchie and star Brad Pitt. 16 years later, one of the Harry Potter stars is slated to headline a Snatch original series on Crackle!

Deadline broke the story that Rupert Grint has been signed to star in Snatch, which will apparently take the Fargo approach of using the film as a springboard for new stories and characters with thematic similarities to the movie. Grint’s character will be Charlie Cavendish, a “dynamic, frustratingly chaotic and utterly posh con man.”

Outside of the Harry Potter films, Grint has starred in Wild Target (pictured above), Cherrybomb, CBGB, and Moonwalkers. Grint previously headlined the CBS comedy pilot Super Clyde, which did not go to series.

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Two other leading roles have been announced for the Snatch series. Dougray Scott (Fear The Walking Dead) is playing convict who remains involved with the “wheelings and dealings” of the underworld despite being incarcerated. Ed Westwick (Wicked City) is portraying Sonny Castillo, a nightclub owner. 

Snatch‘s first season will be ten episodes, and it is slated to begin filming next week in England. The first episode is expected to debut on Crackle in early 2017.

Are you looking forward to seeing Ron Weasley break a little bad alongside Scott and Westwick? Who else should be cast in Snatch? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

Photo Credit: Vue Entertainment/Freestyle Releasing