Matt LeBlanc Will Return to Top Gear… For £1 Million

Matt LeBlanc will reportedly assume the role of Top Gear‘s main presenter for the next series of the BBC car show, though the former Friends actor will reportedly net a £1 million salary in order to do so.

LeBlanc will replace Chris Evans as the face of the show, who stepped down from the role last month after admitting that his “best wasn’t good enough.” LeBlanc’s role in the previous series was generally well-received among viewers, with the Mirror reporting that the BBC will sign a contract to bring him back for the next series in a larger capacity. However, whereas he was previously rumored to be bagging a £500,000 payday for his work on the last series, this promotion will allegedly see him doubling his earnings.

Though the BBC hasn’t confirmed whether or not LeBlanc will have his pay increased to £1 million, given that this was the wage reportedly paid out to Chris Evans in the last series, it’s expected that LeBlanc’s earnings will be close to this figure. On the other hand, former Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson is being paid a whopping £800,000 an episode by Amazon for his work on The Grand Tour, a series set to be released on Amazon Instant Video for the delivery service’s Prime subscribers. 

But despite Matt LeBlanc commanding a much lower salary than Clarkson, with his reported $60 million net worth the actor isn’t exactly doing bad for himself. Hopefully, he can help Top Gear return to its former glory in his role as main host in the next series.

Image Credit: Maarten de Boer / Getty Images