Interview | Action Bronson On Rollerblades, Mountain Dew and Sperm Counts

When you think of gravity-defying skateboard tricks the last person to come to mind is probably Action Bronson. Sure, his hip-hop moniker shares the same name with “action sports,” but the 300-plus pound Queens native is more associated with food (he’s a trained chef), weed (listen to any one of his songs) and aliens (his new show, Traveling the Stars: Ancient Aliens with Action Bronson and Friends premieres later this month on Vice) than kick-flips and rail slides. 

Yet, Rap’s Renaissance Man (real name Arian Asllani) is someone you can’t pin down, except today when we literally tracked him down while he was in London to talk about his concert at this weekend’s Dew Tour, a skateboarding extravaganza happening this weekend at the Long Beach Convention Center (July 22-24). You can buy tickets here… or you can win passes here

Crave: Where are you right now?

Action Bronson: I’m in London in a taxi with a shitload of Pakistani food.

Oh, so you’re filming? (He has his own food show F*ck That’s Delicious on Vice see below) 

Naw, just hanging out before we gotta head back out on the road.

So talk to me about the Dew Tour? I’m sure you get hit up a lot about playing shows, why this one?

It’s right up my alley. It’s some extreme shit. I’m hardcore. I’m sick in the head. I’ve also never been to Long Beach so I feel had to do it. I also used to drink a lot of Mountain Dew and eat pretzels so it’s a perfect match. Good thing I have kids cause I heard it kills your dick sperm.

Mountain Dew does that?

(Laughs) But, that won’t stop me from drinking it.

Editor’s note: Action’s actually on point as this Mountain Dew story is an old internet tale you can find online.

You grew up in Queens. Did you  skate around when you were a kid?

I’m not gonna front. I used to roller blade. I had those Tarmac (rollerblades) with the crazy grind plates and the little wheels.

When was the last time you were on those?

(laughs) It’s been awhile man, but I still ride skateboards here and there to the store and shit like that. Last time I got one was the little shredder. Oh man, what a bad turn of events that was. I fell after me legs went out from under me and I lost my voice for three days. I bruised my lung.

Ouch. So, are you going to go check out any events at the Dew Tour?

I’m gonna check out as much events as possible. I envy a muthafucka who can do it.


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