Exclusive Preview | ‘Vote Loki’ # 2

America, aren’t you tired of electing the lesser evil? This year, Marvel Comics is offering you the chance to get behind the Norse God of Evil! Why settle for an ordinary politician who lies when you can have the God of Lies?!

Although Loki has more recently rebranded himself as the God of Stories, he’s still the same snake that we know and love…he’s just running for President under his full name: Loki Laufeyson. He may be an adopted Frost Giant from Jotunheim who was raised in Asgard, but he’s a true American! Just ask him!

In CraveOnline’s exclusive preview for Vote Loki # 2, even the truth about Loki’s campaign can’t seem to slow him down. Although it probably helped him when his entire slogan is based on the idea that he will lie and say anything to get elected. Now it’s time for Odin’s other son to embrace the American art of the political advertisement! There’s also a fun nod to Loki’s famous scene in The Avengers

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For this issue, writer Christopher Hastings is joined by guest artist Paul McCaffrey, as well as cover artists Tradd Moore and Dave Johnson. Here’s Marvel’s description for the second issue:

“Presidential candidate Loki Laufeyson is finding it hard to roll with the punches of the campaign trail. As if proving his eligibility isn’t hard enough, the media has started the HORRIBLE rumor that his Super P.A.C. is actually a cult under Loki’s control! Plus, the Marvel heroes finally figured out how to successfully fight Loki in his new role: attack ads. God bless (Captain) America, eh?”

Vote Loki # 2 will be released on Wednesday, July 6.

Photo Credits: All images provided by Marvel Comics